Where are you located?

Our showroom is located at:

1106 Harris Ave. #211

Bellingham, WA 98225

Our showroom is located in Finnegan’s Alley, second floor. Our showroom designed to provide an intimate, individualized listening experience. Guitar and amplifier showings are by appointment only.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept cash and most US bank-issued VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Cards, and domestic PayPal accounts. Significant discounts are often available with direct wire transfers. 

For international purchases, we only accept wire transfers.  

We do not except personal checks, cashier’s checks, or Western Union.

How do I order a Private Stock Guitar?

As a fully authorized PRS dealer, PRS Private Stock Dealer, and Collection Series Dealer, we take great pride in working with customers to design the Private Stock guitar of their dreams.  Typically, many hours are spent working through the various design and detail options in close communication with the Private Stock design team. All of the Private Stock guitars we carry are made of individually-selected hand picked tonewoods that are truly exceptional. We can even arrange to meet you at in Stevensville, MD to arrange a tour of the Private Stock  shop, and to let you pick the specific pieces of wood out of the Paul Smith’s stash (“the Vault”) of super select tonewoods.  Contact us to discuss whether a Private Stock guitar is right for you!

How do I obtain warranty service on a new PRS guitar?

As an authorized PRS dealer, we will address any origianl owner warranty issues that arise with any of the PRS guitar we sell. Our reputation is based on our dedication to service and finding the perfect guitar or amplifier for YOU. At PRS' option, we may either perform authorized warranty service for you, or facilitate warranty work through PRS' Technical Center.

Where do you get your other collectible guitars and amplifiers?

Most of the collectible pre-owned guitars and amplifiers we sell at LoneTree Blues are sourced from estate sales, other collectors, players, and some retailers that have succumbed to economic difficulties.

Do you guarantee your pre-owned guitars?

The individuality of fine collectible and vintage guitars – as with any hand-made instruments – is what sets them apart from mass-produced instruments. Feel and tone are subjective - unique to each player’s ear and style, and can change from venue to venue. Understandably, we cannot guarantee that the guitar or amplifier you purchase will have that “perfect tone” you may be looking for, but we can guarantee that what we sell is as we describe and advertise it. LoneTree Blues guarantees that each guitar will be set up to play at its best when it leaves us. Our specialty set-up and repair work is sub-contracted to Dave Doucet (guitars) and Mike Schway (amplifiers).

Can I try before I buy?

Of course!!! LoneTree Blues’ showroom is located in Bellingham, Washington, 90 miles North of Seattle, and 50 miles South of Vancouver, BC, Canada. All of our guitars are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled, monitored and secure environment.  Our showroom hours are by appointment only. See our contact page for directions and information on how to schedule an appointment.

Want something you don't see on our web page?

Our stock changes daily, and our web pages may not reflect our current stock.  If you have a particular PRS, or 65 amps product you are looking for, contact us for the most up to date information. We also have extensive connections and can usually find something for you, special order it, or steer you to the most reputable source, even if we don’t sell it ourselves, and we will always give you honest straightforward advice.


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